How to manage Phone Interviews

Purpose of the phone interview

Phone interviews may be used for the initial screening of the candidates. This is an efficient way of initial screening and filtering out of the candidates. It’s no use wasting time and resources on calling and spending time with the candidates who are not qualified for the job. It minimizes expenses and saves time and resources for everyone. Whether it’s a phone or face-to-face interview, it requires a lot of preparation. The candidates can check impactful interviews for more details on interview preparation.

Preparation for interview

It is suggested that the candidates should make detailed note sheets for various interview questions, tips for interview preparation, and reference material for their interview preparation. It is important that candidates do well, and also do not make any mistakes. The candidates will have a ready reckoner for their interviews and will need to just go through this bunch of sheets for interview preparation. The reference material may include strengths, weaknesses, important words, situations questions’ answers, and cues to some important interview questions. Obviously, candidates will need to make amendments based upon the company for which they are being interviewed.

Time of the interview phone call

If the candidate already knows about the timing of the call, it’s a great advantage. The candidates should ensure that they are pre-informed about the time. With prior information, candidates can choose the setting, arrange all reference sheets and resume in front of them for references and this is a great help. However, if a candidate gets a call when he is not in a conducive environment to receive it, he must ask for another slot as continuing a call in the same environment may not be in his favor.

Professional setting

As there is no face to face meeting and formal setting involved, the candidate may be relaxed clothes in their homes or maybe outside in a relaxed environment. This relaxed environment may bring in some casual attitude which can reflect in the way the interviewee answers. A candidate must be conscious of this probable mistake.

During this process, as there are no visual cues of the body language, the whole focus is on the sound and the words. As body language cannot play a part in communication, a candidate should be very careful with his tone, words, and quality of speech. The candidate must not be very fast in his speech and should speak clearly. The tone of the voice should be cheerful with positive vibes. The candidate should be calm and not fumbling with the words and answers.

Phone interview tips

1. If possible, the Candidate should not be in a casual setup while being interviewed, as this may influence casual behavior in speech. A professional approach and setup bring out a professional attitude which reflects in the tone and quality of the answers.

2. Candidates should prepare well beforehand should not leave it to chance. The well-prepared answers are communicated clearly with impact. Unprepared candidates fumble to find words and prepare sentences. They are not able to communicate what they want to. 

3. If a candidate is receiving calls at home, they should inform family members to cooperate and not make any unnecessary sounds. They should help to stop any disturbances around for some time so that the candidate can focus on his interview.

4. The candidates should learn to use powerful words and put emphasis on these words to sound professional.

5. Sometimes a candidate has applied for a few jobs and during the interview, he mixes up one job role with another. This happens with the candidates who do not prepare well. This is to be avoided by preparing thoroughly for the interview.

6. The candidates should not take phone interviews lightly thinking that these are for initial screening only. It is possible that more people are on the other side of the call on speakerphone. The impressions made during this call may influence future interaction.

7. The candidates must be ready with a notepad and pen, It is possible that you may have to note down a few things. Make notes about your conversation, they may come handy in future interviews

8. Many candidates hurry in answering. Pay attention and listen more.

9. At the end of the call the candidates must ask how they should follow up and try to get the name, phone number, or mail ID of the contact person.

10. The candidates should end the call on a positive note, thanking the caller and wishing the caller a good day ahead. P It is clear that a phone interview is an important part of the interview process and candidates should take it seriously. The above-mentioned tips for interview preparation should come in handy for the job interview candidates


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