Is Interview Preparation Coaching helpful?

Think of it as a rare opportunity

An interview is a great opportunity. The dictionary meaning of the opportunity is a situation that makes it possible that you want to do. If a fresh graduate wants to work in a corporate job, a job interview is an opportunity. Fresh graduates and some lesser experienced candidates trust their instincts, command over the language to appear for the interviews without preparation, only to curse the interview process later. Only after few failures they realize the need for preparation.

impactful interviews
impactful interviews

Difficult to distinguish the right suggestions from the wrong ones

For preparation, Google’s help is sought. There is no dearth of sites sharing information about standard questions asked. But if one goes through the answers, these are similar and too generalist. Sometimes, the quality of answers is laughable. It seems some of the answers are written by inexperienced people.

The fresh graduates cannot comprehend that what is being suggested to them is of poor quality. Visiting YouTube helps with various videos on the subject. Some of the videos are good and understanding of the candidate improves as he/she keeps on watching more videos. But, It is a time-consuming process as there are fewer good quality videos and it takes lots of time and effort to find these,.

The number of views on videos can be misleading and does not guarantee quality. The majority of the videos are passing on the same generalist information.

Professional interview preparation support

Here comes the help of Interview preparation support. With a small investment

  • The candidates can find all the relevant material in one place.
  • Selected and curated topics, articles, preparation templates, and learning material are provided.
  • High-quality suggestions to approach, and answer common interview questions are given.
  • They learn to frame their answers themselves using words and sentences which leave an impact on the interviewers
  • Candidates practice with mock interviews which train their minds to face real-life situations with confidence and ease, increasing chances of success.
  • The candidates learn about the interview process, understand the reasons for asking specific questions, and techniques to suitably answer these

Common interview questions take a large part of the interview time. The answers to these must be high quality and impactful, increasing the chances of the candidate’s success. Many videos suggest to the candidates readymade answers and the candidates tend to cram these answers. The interviewer immediately gets to know about it and understands that the candidate is not spontaneous.

The interview preparation coach helps candidates know about various types of questions and why these are asked. The coach guides candidates to frame specific answers for specific questions and appear spontaneous.

Practice is must, mental activity is not practice

Many times the candidates believe that it is good enough to mentally frame the answer, but it’s not. Because without practice, during the interview right thoughts will be there in mind but the right words won’t come out fluently. This requires practice. The interview preparation coach helps candidates practice through mock interviews and provides feedback for improvement. Candidates learn to answer critical questions.

A prepared candidate will shine through many unprepared candidates.

Avoiding interview mistakes

The professional help also suggests candidates about common interview mistakes. Although few of these mistakes are addressed through articles and videos available, the majority of mistakes are made while answering questions. These can be addressed during feedback sessions.

It is suggested that candidates take their job interviews seriously and prepare. Preparation is the difference between winners and Losers. The best investment is in you.


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