Interview question: What will you do in the first 3 months of joining?

This is also a very interesting interview question to evaluate the candidate’s understanding of the job role, its tasks, and about candidate’s approach.

Impress the interviewer

To answer this question, a candidate has to know about the organization, its structure, and the job role in detail. The interviewer knows that you will be able to answer such interview questions only if you are sincere and serious about your responsibilities. This is the opportunity to clearly establish your strengths. This is the opportunity to show 

 · That you understand the Job role well

 · That you have done prior research about the tasks 

 · That you can think and Plan 

 · That you can structure and prioritize the tasks 

Things you should know to answer this interview question 

Depending on your job role/profile you may state that Learning, Planning, and Initiating execution independently should be the sequence of your actions. You would elaborate with the following: 

 · Fix 30/60/90 days goals with timeline and metrics 

 · Learn about organization’s vision/mission/values 

 · Understanding about customers of the organization and how the organization can serve them well  

 · How does the Department help the organization in serving the customer well 

 · How Does your role help the department in achieving its goals 

How to structure the answer

 · You may start structuring your answer by mentioning How can you add value based on your individual strengths: Identify the top three areas for taking action (Decide areas and action to be taken with timelines). You may decide on your plan by understanding and scheduling the following:

 · Meeting with supervisor to understand his short-term and long-term goals 

· Learning about exact immediate and long-term requirement from role: Action to be taken: Plan and make deadlines for the tasks to be completed 

 · Learn about how your contribution will be evaluated 

 · Create your own Plan of action for tasks over and above which are downloaded by the supervisor. (Dates for formulation and completion) 

 · Identify learning needs to perform the current job well; make a time-bound personal development plan 

 · Learn about reporting structure, procedures, and processes for various tasks in the organization 

 · Meeting own department key employees, understanding their role and building rapport for their support 

 · Meeting other concerned department employees, cross-functional teams understanding how other departments engage with your department, building rapport to get their support. 

 · Observe and Learn about company culture 

 · Learning about the task flows 

 · Learn about the documentation of activities, interactions. 

Its a complex question and requires a lot of understanding and maturity to frame the right answer. The job interview candidate has to decide which parts can be included and which parts should be omitted while responding to this question.

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