Companies are hiring, Have you done your job interview preparation?

“Survey shows companies in Indian cities plan to hire freshers between February and April ” ET online 24th February 2021  

Indicators of increased hiring activity

The business activity has restarted, the economy is out of recession, the share market has crossed 50k milestone, the sentiment is upbeat and the vaccine drive is on.  The rural economy has been robust and the coming crop is expected to be a bumper one. The automobile sector, and the agriculture machinery sector are showing growth. These, along with other positive factors should be good enough indicators for hiring to increase now.

Survey report of hiring

ET Jobs dated 24th February 2021 reported a survey by TeamLease Edtech. The survey has been conducted in 14 cities with more than 800 companies and found out that 15% of the companies have intent to hire between Feb and April 2021. The main job roles available for freshers may be In sales, business development, digital marketing, graphic designing, and web development. 

Competencies in demand from the industry 

The students and freshers should focus on developing their problem-solving skills, analytical abilities, reasoning abilities, and their critical thinking skills. The technical skills being sought are spreadsheet skills, marketing skills, data analytics, and web development among others. As the pandemic has changed many established communication dynamics, communicating in a virtual environment using digital tools has become a necessary skill for employment. As there are no boundaries of workspace now, adaptability, resilience, and self-discipline will be required from the employees. The technical skills requirements will be industry-specific, but the students should try to hone their technical skills and be Industry ready. 

Interview preparation

Being good at technical or other skills does not mean a sure-shot success in interviews. A lot of good students sometimes fail to clear their interviews as they do not feel the need to prepare for it. An interview is for a short duration, if the candidates fail to communicate their strengths in a proper manner, they may not clear the process. The candidates should learn about the interview process,  know about common interview questions, understand the reasons behind these questions and learn how to respond. In the highly competitive environment, it makes sense to take professional help, take tips for interviews, do mock sessions to strengthen the interview preparation, and gain confidence. Many candidates are filtered out in the first phase of phone interviews. The candidates must learn from high-quality resources how to master phone interviews. It is also important to know from whom to take help as many advising or coaching companies may be running by people who do not have the relevant experience or exposure. You may connect with Impactful Interviews for any help and support. All the best!


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