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What Do We Do for You?

‘Impactful Interviews’ accelerates and consolidates your sales and business development job interview preparation with mock interviews, high-quality content, and guidance from experienced industry professionals.

How does It Help You?

In current times, the competition is tough, and getting an interview call is a rare opportunity. We guide and train you to outshine the other candidates. We help you practice the tools & techniques of acing the sales job interviews. We do it in two ways given below.


Online self-paced recorded video sessions are available through a link from this website. Course available immediately on payment.


PSP (Personalized Support Program) with full preparation guidance, mock interviews, and feedback, by expert experienced industry professionals.

A: Self-Paced, Self-Preparation Online Program

Click & check the course: Job Interview Preparation Tips for Success

This self-paced online comprehensive module is a complete package. The module suggests practical approaches to answering common interview questions, explains techniques to handle behavioral questions, gives tools to master phone interviews, teaches you to manage interview anxiety, and makes you learn how to avoid common interview mistakes. It’s value for money.

It’s worth it. Get it Now.

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Personalized Support Programs-PSPs

B: PSP (Personalized Support Programs)

Our Personalized Support Programs (PSP) are not only mock interviews and feedback. These come with personal guidance, preparation support, mock interviews, feedback, content, and mentorship by experienced corporate professionals, and are highly effective with a promise of a money-back guarantee.

E-book: Crack Your Job Interview

If you are one of those who like to go through a simple and practical e-book, here is your option:

For international buyers, Only $2.99

For Indian buyers, price Only INR149/-

Impactful Interviews

After completing the ‘Impactful Interviews’ PSP course, you will be able to :

  • Understand better about the organization and the Job description
  • Give your answers as per the interview requirements
  • Master practical approaches to handle behavioral and situational interview questions
  • Effectively answer common interview questions, without depending upon ready-made answers
  • Overcome interview anxiety
  • Gain confidence & deliver impactfully. This will improve your chances of getting success in job interviews.
  • Learn fundamentals of Job Interview Questions and Answers; which will give benefit over a lifetime

Can you learn to play a sport only by watching matches online or by listening to the lectures on Youtube?

No! You Can’t! You need to play yourself, Only Your own practice will help you master the game. To master it, experienced coaches can teach you the right techniques and train you by practicing with them.


Experienced professionals at Impactful Interviews teach you effective techniques to crack your job interviews and help you practice these with mock interview sessions.

Impactful Interviews at ‘Udemy’ and ‘Skillshare’ Click the links to check


I’m glad to share that I got an opportunity to start my professional career with Absolute Foods. To achieve such a great milestone, guidance and support are a must and it should be from the right person and at the right time. Throughout the process of my interview, Dr. Pankaj Rawal Sir guided and corrected me by taking mock interview sessions, helping in framing relevant answers, and so on. That preparation helped me to crack the interview process so smoothly and confidently. Thank you so much sir for your valuable efforts and guidance which helped me to get into a great career 🙏🏻


I would like to mark my deep regards to Dr. Pankaj Rawal Sir. He has played a very important role to help me crack my interview in AgriWatch. His mentorship was vital for me to pass my HR round as well as my technical round in my interview. His guidance was precise and he helped me to figure out how to frame my answers and how to tackle different questions. I am forever in debt to sir for his mentorship. Thank you, sir.

Manisha Sharma

“I’m deeply grateful to Dr Pankaj Rawal sir for preparing me for my interview. As a result of his mentorship I cracked my interview processes in DeHaat.” Akhilesh Shukla

Dive into a journey of exploration, understanding, and enhancement of your interview skills with Dr. Pankaj Rawal. With his rich experience, he will be your hands-on guide and as needed steering you or handholding you to the doors of future success.


The course is excellent and quite informative. Will definitely help youngsters to face interviews with confidence.

PS Malhotra

Amazing presenter, sharing detailed and important information to get started. Good pace and clear explanation for great understanding. Wonderful experience so far.


Knowledge is power. If one knows what he or she is preparing for, then planning can be done better and a person can feel more confident about it. The modules give a complete picture of what goes behind the scene before the interview and what needs to be prepared for.


Amazing videos with resources, a place where you can find impeccable experience and techniques that will help you ace your interview.


It is amazing, getting to know how we can ace interviews.

Arushi Gupta

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