9 Common Job Interview Mistakes to avoid

A job interview is an opportunity. The candidates should avoid mistakes that may leave a negative impression during the interview. Following are the tips for interview preparation to avoid common mistakes

1. Trusting only instincts

Many candidates, who generally are extroverts, have good communication skills, and command over the language tend to believe that interview is mere questions about them, their work. They think that they would be able to handle it without interview preparation. This is the biggest mistake for interviews. A candidate has to have thorough preparation, well-thought-out answers for standard interview questions, and preplanned linking of narrative with the job. There are many approaches and techniques to handle these questions. 3 Ps are very important Pre-planning, Preparation, and Practice

2. In a hurry

Everyone is anxious while appearing for the interview. In many cases, the candidates are in a hurry to answer. The tendency is to answer the questions and get over with the interview fast, especially during the phone interviews. This is one of the biggest mistakes. Candidates should think of their time at the interview as the opportunity to project themselves better, take more time to convince the interviewer of their candidature, and should not try to finish it fast.

3. Answering before understanding

In their eagerness to answer interview questions, sometimes candidates start answering even before they comprehend the full question. The interviewer has to stop them and ask the question again. As suggested in point no 2, candidates should understand a question, structure the answer in mind and then start answering for better impact.

4. Sharing personal details

An interview is the evaluation of a candidate’s suitability for the job function. To influence the interviewer, candidates sometimes indulge in providing more than required personal details. This is not taken as a professional attitude and may be negative for the interview.

5.Unprofessional behavior during the interview

A candidate is expected to keep professional behavior during the interview. Sometimes interviewer gets a little casual and the candidate gets carried away and starts acting casually. The candidate has to keep calm and professional composure.

6. Negatives about ex-company or boss

Even if candidates think they were not treated well and even if they thought that their Boss was not good enough, candidates should not talk over negative or be over critical about them. Candidates may convey their difference of opinion or difference of approach without being too critical.

7. Looking at mobile phones during the interview

The notifications on the mobile phone should be switched off. Some candidates cannot stop looking at their phones when the phone vibrates. It is best to switch the phones off for your interviews.

8. Not knowing enough about the organization

The candidates must do enough research about the company for which they are appearing for the interview. The interviewer gets negative if the candidate doesn’t know about the company well.

9. Lack of enthusiasm and confidence during the interview

The candidates should display enthusiasm and confidence during the interview. Some candidates appear listless and lack energy during the interview process. It appears that they have come to just complete the process. The candidate should display their eagerness, curiosity, enthusiasm, and confidence.

Candidates should be careful not to make the above-mentioned mistakes. It is recommended that the candidates take some interview coaching which helps them with tips for interview preparation, refining, and reinforcing their interview preparation.


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