3 key Attributes, Chairman RPG Group looks for

While recruiting, companies evaluate candidates by asking job interview questions based upon the qualities and competencies they seek in the candidates. In a tweet, Mr. Harsh Goenka mentioned the following three qualities which he looks for in candidates.

Attitude and Passion

“Attitude arises from basic philosophy towards life. Right attitude means a commitment to work. Passion keeps you going at every stage of the career when everyone is slowing down.”

Domain Knowledge

“Whether anyone is a soldier on the battlefield, a Captain on a ship, or a CEO of an organization, thorough domain knowledge is absolutely critical in the competitive world. It can be a critical success factor in immediate tactics, in anticipating trends, and in chartering a long-term future.”

Culture Fit

“What holds together an Institution is a culture. It is a combination of shared values, way of life, and belief systems of an organization. It is important to protect the culture of the organization. An important aspect is that it overrides nationalities, gender, religious beliefs, etc.”

These qualities are essential for any job and must be displayed by all candidates. Candidates appearing for job interviews should consider this as ‘tips for interview preparation’, and keep these three qualities in mind while giving answers to the Interview Questions. The candidates must learn about the culture of the organization and core competencies required for the job role.


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