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5 Easy Tips to Crack your Dream Job Interview

In this blog, Vanya shares her perspective on cracking the dream job interviews. Vanya is an MBA (Tech) student of IIT Jodhpur. For her summer internship, she worked with Tata Elxsi in their marketing department. Post completion of her internship, she was offered an opportunity to continue working with Tata Elxsi in a live project for the role of Business […]


Job for Engineers plus MBAs

Dear Engineers with MBA ‘Impactful Interviews’ now comes with a “Job Guarantee” We have been approached by a fast-growing MSME to shortlist 5 candidates with MBA Plus Electrical/Electronics engineering backgrounds. Experience of 2 years is a must in B2B Business Development role. One of the five shortlists will be selected by the organization. Shortlisted five candidates will have to go […]


Finding a job during covid-19

‘A Five-week Guide to getting a job’, article by Isaiah Hankel is an interesting and informative article on the subject topic. It’s a good read for job seekers. The link is shared here: https://hbr.org/2021/03/a-five-week-guide-to-getting-a-job Share


Is Interview Preparation Coaching helpful?

Think of it as a rare opportunity An interview is a great opportunity. The dictionary meaning of the opportunity is a situation that makes it possible that you want to do. If a fresh graduate wants to work in a corporate job, a job interview is an opportunity. Fresh graduates and some lesser experienced candidates trust their instincts, command over […]


9 Common Job Interview Mistakes to avoid

A job interview is an opportunity. The candidates should avoid mistakes that may leave a negative impression during the interview. Following are the tips for interview preparation to avoid common mistakes 1. Trusting only instincts Many candidates, who generally are extroverts, have good communication skills, and command over the language tend to believe that interview is mere questions about them, their […]