I have one year gap in my academics, can I mention it during my interview or can it spoil my impression?

originally answered in Quora: https://www.quora.com/I-have-one-year-gap-of-my-entire-academic-career-can-I-mention-it-during-my-interview-or-can-it-spoil-my-impression I won’t suggest deliberately bringing it into the discussion by you unless it’s a strategy to score positive points. If the interviewers ask ( which they may, chances are high), be well prepared to answer the same. Display confidence, do not be apologetic about it. Be enthusiastic and honest. Explain the circumstances honestly and then […]


How do you answer “Why should we hire you with no experience” during an interview for your first job?

Originally answered in Quora at: https://qr.ae/pGDcpm The organizations are clear whether they are hiring freshers or want experienced professionals. If they see some potential in you, only then you would get an interview call. The situation you have described may come if the organization wants an experienced professional, but you, with no experience, somehow reached the interview stage. This suggests […]